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Jakarta is the capital and the largest city of Indonesia, situated on the northwest coast of the Java Island. The city attracts large numbers of travelers all throughout the year for its scenic beauty and lovely tourist sites. Once in Jakarta, visitors will get to see the famous Jakarta Old Town, National Monument, museums and the miniature park, Taman Mini Indonesia Indah. Staying in Jakarta is not a problem. There are lots of good hotels in Jakarta for tourists to stay in comfort. The Jakarta hotels offer top-notch facilities and services to its guests
Majority of hotels and resorts in Jakarta lie close to the Soekarno Hatta International Airport. You will also get an easy access to the train station and business and commercial centers from most of the Jakarta accommodation options. There are hotels for every kind of traveler, be it business or leisure. For those who intend to stay long, there are many serviced apartments in Jakarta. These apartments offer quality facilities and services to its guests.
One of the popular hotels in Jakarta is the Allson Residence Hotel Jakarta. The hotel is located at a very short distance from the central business district and Soekarno Hatta International Airport. You will get to experience warm hospitality and unsurpassed services once you come to stay at Allson Residence Hotel Jakarta.
To enjoy excellent services and amenities, visitors should come to Ambhara Hotel. Located near the airport, this hotel is one of the most famous luxury hotels in Jakarta. The hotel features first-class accommodation and quality services for a peaceful stay in the city. The banquet and dining facilities in Ambhara Hotel are simply great.
One of the top-class business hotels in Jakarta is Crowne Plaza. The hotel truly understands and fulfils the requirements of both business and leisure travelers. The hotel is located close to the famous Golden Triangle business district and lies next to entertainment and shopping complexes of Jakarta. Crowne Plaza is also known for its supreme dining and recreational facilities.
There are numerous Jakarta accommodation options that are specially made keeping in mind the budget-conscious travelers. Visitors will find several budget hotels located at various corners of the city. Alpine Hotel, Jakarta provides comfortable accommodation at a reasonable rate. The hotel includes clean rooms and comes with a wide array of hotel and security services and facilities.
Josephine Guest House is another known budget hotel to stay when in South Jakarta. From the Guest House, travelers can easily visit Blok M, a shopping district and to the range of local restaurants, bars and cafes of South Jakarta. The place provides a homely ambiance and friendly services to stay in comfort and tranquility. Casa 34 is a bed and breakfast hotel that offers a wide assortment of quality facilities and services to its guests. You will find peace and calmness ruling the place.

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Every year millions of international tourists rush to Indonesia and contribute to the economy of this beautiful country. Because of an ever increasing number of international tourists to the region aviation industry has grown greatly during last few years. A number of international airlines are flying to Indonesia from Europe, America, Asia, Australia, and Africa. Some of these operate direct Indonesia flights while other are operating stop over flights. It is such a fascinating place that nothing is better than spoiling your self at vast expanses of its immense beauty. However the choice of places to see depends upon the interest of tourists as well as on things to do these sites present.http://a5.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc6/168394_101479066598440_100002090406922_9660_3237869_n.jpg
Indonesia is known as a country of islands. Its name is combination of two words "Indo" meaning Indian and "Nesos" meaning Islands. The country is named so for it is home to more than 17,000 islands. Visitors from all over the globe take flights to Indonesia and spend their vacations at some of best islands. Most visited locations of the country include; Jakarta, Bali, Lombok Island, Sumatra, Bintan Island, Batam Island, Yogyakarta Island. Except being naturally blessed with a number of beaches, islands, and rain forests, Indonesia is very well served with a range of complete and modern age tourism facilities. A number of travel and tour companies are operating in the country that do not only arrange flights to Indonesia but also boat, cruise, and bus tours to the popular country attractions.http://a4.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-ash1/180068_101478736598473_100002090406922_9646_6594151_n.jpg
Accommodation is another prominent feature of tourism industry. Indonesia has an array of hotels and resorts serving foreign travelers to the country. Almost all the areas that are popular among cheap Indonesia flights takers are served with hotels. Resorts are located alongside the beaches. Some of the country's best resorts can found at Bali Island, while Jakarta is popular for its hotels.

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Medan is a sprawling city that clusters around the Deli and Babura rivers. A taxi from Polonia airport into town should set you back around Rp50,000. If you fancy a day's exploring, why not take a walk around the city or alternatively, save your legs and take a spin in one of the city's unique, three wheeled motorised becak (rickshaw). Medan is chock-full of Dutch colonial architecture and many of these old buildings are still in use. Medan's City Hall, central Post Office, Water Tower and the Titi Gantung railway bridge all make for great photo opportunities.
Medan's Mesjid Raya (Grand Mosque) can be found in the centre of town on the corner of Jl Mesjid Raya and Jl SM Raja. This unusual Moroccan style building was erected by the Sultan in 1906 and features Italian marble, CHinese stained glass and many ornate carvings. Just around the corner from the mosque you'll find the somewhat dilapidated Istana Maimoon (Maimoon Palace). The palace was built by the Sultand of Deli in 1888 and the current Sultan still lives there.
JMuseum wise, the Museum of North Sumatra over on Jl HM Joni houses a large collection of Sumatran artifacts, including some fascinating stone carvings from Nias. More architectural ghosts of Medan's colonial past can be found along Jl Ahmad Yani starting from Jl Palang Merah and heading north to Lapangan Merdeka. Lapangan Merdeka itself is a former parade ground surrounded by beautiful old art deco buildings. If you're after something a little more culturally contemporary then why not pop along to the Tondi Gallery at Jl Keladi Buntu No 6 for a modern art fix.
Further out of town, Hill Park at Green Hill City Sibolangit lies an hour's drive from the downtown area and features plenty of funfair rides, entertainments, cafes and restaurants. A visit to the park makes a really nice day out for the kids. Alternatively, the Pantai Cermin Theme Park lies on the coast 40 minutes from town and is a water park featuring slides, pools, jet skis and plenty more besides.
If you're feeling peckish after all that, rest assured that Medan's healthy ethnic mix of Batak, Chinese, Javanese, Minangkabau and even Indian peoples will ensure a tasty meal. Tip Top Restaurant at Jl Ahmad Yani 92 was at one time the place to eat and dates right back to colonial times. The nostalgic flavours of ox tongue sandwich and Dutch bitterballen can be ordered from a very sweet little typewriter printed menu that seems to have been caught in a time warp. Bollywood Food Centre over at Jl Muara Takus No 7 serves up spicy Indian food and various Malay Indian roti shops are also located nearby.
After dark, the new and hip Cava Lounge is perhaps the slinkiest bar in town and a great place in which to enjoy a few cocktails. Alternatively, the Shoot Pool Lounge and Sports Bar over on Jl Kapten Pattimura features live big-screen sports action plus pool, liv emusic and DJs. The Tavern in the now somewhat aged Hotel Danau Toba over at Jl Imam Bonjol 17 remains a popular nightspot.

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Indonesian Holidays offer specially negotiated hotel deals, ground tours, and flights not just to Indonesia but also other Asian countries as add-on from Indonesia or as single or Multicentre holidays.http://photos-331.friendster.com/e1/photos/13/38/31038331/1_434051433l.jpg
9 Days Java (Bali to Jakarta)
Day 1. Denpasar to Bromo.
You'll be picked up from your hotel then driven to Bromo via Gilimanuk and Ketapang.
Day 2. Bromo to Batu.
Early morning wake-up call for the ride on a sturdy mountain pony to watch the sunrise over the edge of the crater. After breakfast, drive to the mountain resort of Batu for a well- earned rest.
Day 3. Batu to Solo.
Early morning start with a drive to Solo via Madiun.
Day 4. Solo to Yogyakarta.
Morning visit to the Mangkunegaran Palace then drive to Yogyakarta, visiting the Prambanan Temple and Borobudur Temple.
Day 5. Yogyakarta Excursion.
Morning city tour visiting the Sultan's Royal Palace, a leather puppet maker, a batik factory and a silversmith's workshop. Remainder of the day free time for shopping.
Day 6. Yogyakarta to Purwokerto.
After early breakfast, drive to Purwokerto. On the way, visit the Dieng Plateau.
Day 7. Purwokerto to Bandung.
Another fullday drive to the city of Bandung, with a stop at a handcraft centre.
Day 8. Bandung Excursion.
Day excursion to the Tangkuban Perahu volcano and the hotsprings of Ciater. On the way back to the hotel visit an Angklung workshop.
Day 9. Bandung to Jakarta/End of Overland Tour.
After breakfast, drive to Jakarta via Bogor and Puncak. Stop in Bogor to walk through the Botanical Gardens. Arrive in Jakarta, transferred to your hotel or direct to the airport to end your Overland Tour.


Indonesia is a multicultural country which consists of thousand islands and tribes. The differences of demography and geography cause cultural differences, including the outfits worn by each tribe. Batik is one of the outfits that are quite popular, and its popularity has been known worldwide.
If you watch TV and see the President of Indonesia talking in public or in international conferences, you may see him wearing such an ethnic shirt with unique motifs. That is what so called batik, the national clothes of Indonesia citizens.
In some occasions, Indonesian may wear their traditional outfits, such as kebaya, baju kurung, ulos, etc. But when they come to national events, batik talks much. This outfit is a symbol of unity. It is a uniform which is considered as a must. This is a way to show how proud they are to be Indonesia citizens.
Indonesian Batik has been claimed as Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity for all the techniques, technology, motif development, and the cultural values needed to make a piece of it. It is because the process includes two factors: coloring techniques and the choice of the motifs. This step is not easy since every motif should have a characteristic.
Indonesian believe that the existence of Batik started in Majapahit era, and increasingly popular in the end of 18th century or he beginning of 19th century. Batik was actually purely handmade, but later on, as the technology has developed, it is mostly printed. What supports this change the most is the amount of orders. The handmade ones do need long time of painting, but the printed ones need shorter time.
Years ago, batik was only worn in formal occasions. At that time, Indonesian tend to choose batik instead of tuxedo or other formal outfits. But today, batik is even worn by students and employees as their uniform in certain days, such as every Friday.
In some families, Batik is even considered as a tradition. It makes them have their own motifs which are different from other families. It is like their identity, since the motifs can even show their economical status. Until now, the traditional motifs are still used by the family of Yogyakarta and Surakarta residence. Batik is probably the most unique outfit you have ever known. Where else you can find that brands do not talk much, but motifs do?

Papua New Guinea

Arguably one of the most spectacularly beautiful countries on earth Papua New Guinea is situated to the near north of Australia and comprises the eastern half of the world's largest island. Within is geographical boundaries lay several hundred offshore islands large and small, some with unique flora, fauna and many diverse primitive village cultures.
Separated from The Indonesian state of West Papua, along the 140th meridian this young nation stretches into the Pacific Ocean and is bordered by the Coral Sea in the South and Micronesia to the North.
Contained entirely within the hot tropics and surrounded by oceans, heavy rainfall and high temperatures throughout the year have combined to create one of the largest rainforest areas outside of the Amazon.
Geologically it is relatively young and is undergoing continuous change as the earths movement and the many active volcanos sculpt the terrain with powerful tremors, ash and lava all along an east west, line of instability forming part of the "ring of fire" that reaches from Asia right across the Pacific Ocean.
The biological diversity of the flora and fauna that is encountered as one travels from the coastal regions across lowland flood plains of swamp, open grass and into the forested slopes and mountains offer visitors a seemingly unending variety of scenery.
All the recognised species of "Birds of Paradise" are represented here and over.other species of birdlife combined with the unique marsupial, mammal, insect and marine life combine to make PNG a very special place in the world of nature.
With over seven hundred distinct languages spoken throughout the nation the human cultural aspects are without parallel in anthropological terms. From the earliest contact with the western world during the second half of the 19th Century many hundreds of studies have produced a diverse range literature on the people of this land as they journeyed through time from their primitive beginnings to the present day where the nation now takes it's place in the 21st Century as a member of the world community.
With so much diversity of culture, scenery, flora and fauna it is little wonder that PNG offers the world so much as a travel destination. Tropical Beachside Hotels, cultural performances, spectacular scenery, Mountain Treks, Fishing, unequalled Scuba Diving, Bird Watching, World War 2 Historical sites and relics (including the Kokoda Trail)
From the bottom of it's oceans to the highest mountain peaks it is all here. Although it is resource rich in terms of Gold, Copper, Oil, Gas and Timber, PNG is still a developing country and the majority of it's population are subsistence farmers of one kind or another but their shyness, generosity, humour, and good nature leaves most visitors with glowing tales of their stay in this wonderful place with it's warm and friendly people and rich cultures.

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The 70s, like the 60s, was a decade full of drugs, sexual exploration, emerging new age beliefs, and innovative ideas. Many of these things were expressed and now reflected through the music of the time. One of the most memorable records at the time was "Hotel California" by the Eagles. The album, released in 1976, featured a song by the same title that has become one of the Eagles most popular hits.
http://photos.friendster.com/photos/21/10/31680112/1_199305161l.jpgAsides from the chorus, the song is most recognizable at it's opening riffs. The song's guitar chord progression follows a noticeable and primarily minor musical scale. "Hotel California" runs nearly six minutes and twenty seconds in length. This was a little more common during the 60s and 70s, but is nearly double the length of the average song that is released on albums today. One of the most memorable musical features of the song is the extended guitar solo. The guitar solo begins at 4:22 and carries through to the fade out end of the 6:31 recording. "Hotel California" brings a unique fusion of the sultry, hot sound of reggae to rock music.http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_W-NX0dySrrc/TJdBhhC_NPI/AAAAAAAACF0/7Hm3rH2-Uvo/s320/manda.jpg
The song's lyrics have been amongst some of the most misinterpreted and controversial lyrical content written to date. The song lyrics were written by Glenn Fry, Don Felder, and Don Henley. Although Henley was the band's drummer, it is he that provided the cold and gritty lead vocals required to present the song as its meaning was to be presented. The lyrics lead up to a weary, desert traveler stopping a hotel for the night. The story soon twists and turns into what most people could view as a nightmare, as visiting a haunted hotel, or as a drug induced hallucinogenic state. Some have went as far to interpret the song as being written about a gutted hotel, purchased by Satanic church leader Anton LeVey, who then turns it into a place of worship.http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_ZZIzn-FPXBw/SmdC6u2LkTI/AAAAAAAADWQ/ahRDbd91mEQ/s400/3.jpg
However, according to Henley, most people interpreting the lyrics have completely missed the metaphors. Henley in fact claims that the song was written about how the band, who is from the mid-west, view the materialism Hollywood life. In addition, Henley claims that the song is also written about certain women that the members of the band knew. Later Henley added that the song was additionally about excess and the dark side of trying to achieve the American dream.